Microsoft Experiences '16

Speaker during MS Experiences 2016 - 3D on the web with Babylon.js. Slides can be found on Github.

Procedural City

A procedural city built with Babylon.js

Destination Mars

Development of the front page of 'Destination Mars' in Babylon.js

Isart Digital - 2015

Some games made by students at Isart Digital during my classes (20 hours during September-December)
Isart Digital website


A simple game made to illustrate an article in the magazine 'Programmez!' - n°198 Summer 2016
Official presentation on 'Programmez!' website - in french


A very little game made for the Babylon.js February Challenge


A little 3D scene made for the #screensaverjam

Christmas Runner

A Babylon.js game for Christmas


A Babylon.js extension to create a GUI without DOM elements

Learning Babylon.js - 160 pages e-book

Learn the basics of the 3D framework Babylon.js by creating a whole game.
This 160 pages e-book will teach you everything you need to know about Babylon.js to get the most out of it!


A 3D demo scene (no gameplay here), exported from 3DSMax to Babylon.js.


A 3D remake of the classic game Bomberman, powered by Babylon.js.
The game supports up to 4 players with gamepads. It can also be played with a keyboard (up to two players on the same keyboard).


A 3D puzzle game, made with Babylon.js.
Play with the arrow keys and try to finish all levels.


A 3D remake of the classic board game Quarto


A 2D game made with phaser.js.