About me

Hi! My name is Julian Chenard, I’m a French 30 years-old engineer currently working as WebGL developer in Rouen (not so far from Paris). I create 3D applications during the day and 3D games at night using Babylon.js.

I’m also one of Babylon.js admin team on Github, and a contributor for 3 years. I created a plugin to plug Babylon.js to the physics engine Oimo.js (used now as the default physics engine of Babylon.js), took part in the creation of the official Babylon.js documentation, and recently added a way to read OBJ files directly from Babylon.js.
I also give some training courses about Babylon.js (alongside my full-time job) at Isart Digital, a video game and 3D animation school in Paris, and in a French public establishment (IUT MMI Elbeuf).
I also wrote a book about it! Go check it here!

As a gamer, I always loved to develop games and apps prototypes, without completed any. This website is here to give me a goal to actually finish them :)


If you like my games, if you have any questions or even if you just want to say hi, you can contact me via Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email : temechon [at] pixelcodr [dot] com.